But Now He's Just A Boy

Salut! Je m’appelle Teddy, et bienvenue au café du coin!


Théodore Lémieux (tay-o-DOR leh MYOO) , or Teddy, Tay, or Theo {tay-oh}, is the current disguise of Hamish Watson Holmes, who is on the run from Moriarty and his men. He runs a small cafe by day, and is a thug/gun-for-hire and computer hacker behind the scenes.

For all intents and purposes, unless you are a Moriarty or a Moran who would like to pick up on the story, treat him like any other oc. There are few exceptions to this, and they already know who they are.

Face clain: Andrew Lee Potts

Magic Anon: 5 inches tall until Midnight

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It’s All Gone || Open Para



Teddy’s eyes fall closed and he listens to the sound of Rich’s voice. He was starting to relax, a small smile gracing his face. He lets go of the box with one hand, wrapping it around one of Rich’s.

Rich smiled, glancing at Teddy, but he kept reading. He propped the book open with one hand and rubbed small circles into Teddy’s with his thumb.

They stay like that until Teddy’s phone goes off. He jumps and pulls it out of his pocket. Isntead of answering it, he simply stares at it, as if afraid it might bite him.