But Now He's Just A Boy

Salut! Je m’appelle Teddy, et bienvenue au café du coin!


Théodore Lémieux (tay-o-DOR leh MYOO) , or Teddy, Tay, or Theo {tay-oh}, is the current disguise of Hamish Watson Holmes, who is on the run from Moriarty and his men. He runs a small cafe by day, and is a thug/gun-for-hire and computer hacker behind the scenes.

For all intents and purposes, unless you are a Moriarty or a Moran who would like to pick up on the story, treat him like any other oc. There are few exceptions to this, and they already know who they are.

Face clain: Andrew Lee Potts

Magic Anon: 5 inches tall until Midnight

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lautrecouse has entered the cafe

It was getting late and he was getting tired. By the time the man gets to the register, Theo’s smile is tired and forced. “Que puis-je faire pour vous aujourd’hui?”

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Outlawjem stepped into the cafe

Her face was recognizable. There was no way she was here. She wouldn’t recognize him, would she? Keep calm, keep working. You’ll be fine.

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Thejasperholmes has found the cafe

The cafe was crowded this afternoon, it was hard to make out specific faces in the rush. However, as he was serving customers in the line, one caught his attention. His cousin stepped up to the register and Theo froze for a moment, worried his disguise would be seen through. He pushes through it, though, asking him what he would like.

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tinyyetmightynat stepped into the cafe

The bell rings, signalling the door opening. With a wide smile, Theo looks up at the new guest. “Bonjour! Que puis-je faire pour vous aujourd’hui?”

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Depictions of the Dead: It's All Gone || Open Para




“Some of the others are still okay, this one has to be! It’s the only one I had!” He pauses and looks up at Meredith, and for a second, it’s not Teddy digging through the ash, it’s Hamish, scared to lose the last bit of…

It takes a few minutes. A few minutes of body wracking sobs, slowly fading into sniffles, sniffles fading into normal breathing. The Batista stands up, covered in the ashy remains of his store, and turns away from Meredith. Keeping his head down, in a very low, controlled voice, he says back to her, “J’en ai fini ici.”

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[Going to try to be active here today, once I roll out of bed. Send me links, guys. I need all the links to everything ever.]

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Théodore Lémieux || Cuppa

Omg I never saw this.I love you so much abdsms
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Whiskey, Rifles, And Dog Tags: I guess its time I put this up for everyone to see.


Hey guys. Its Zayne, the mun for this blog. But not just this blog. I run four roleplay blogs.

Bastian Moran
Everyone’s favorite pet sniper. Pre-Reichenbach and Post-Reichenbach where he has his 7 year old son, Grayson C. Moran. He’s a recovering alcoholic and has quite the rage problem,…

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Tiny hiatus

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